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Tick Antarctica Off Your Bucket List: 7 Reasons to Take This Once-in-a-Lifetime Scenic Flight

Tick off a major bucket-list destination with a scenic Antarctica flight – no snowshoes needed.  

Once reserved only for the bravest explorers, the wild beauty of Antarctica is now closer than you think. Discover the South Pole and beyond in utmost comfort on a scenic Antarctica flight.

Stay warm as you soar over a continent that escapes the boundaries of perception. Vast ice plains, magical polar landscapes and giant crevasses unfold before you as you cruise at a reduced flying altitude of approximately 20,000 feet (6,000 metres).  

We take you inside this incredible experience with Luxury Escapes Chief Commercial Officer, Sean Butler, who was lucky enough to hop aboard. Here are his top reasons you should add a scenic Antarctica flight to your bucket list right now. 

1. It’s the easiest way to access such a remote destination 

Under normal circumstances, a trip to Antarctica would require an inordinate amount of planning. From picking the optimum season for travel to buying thermal clothing and equipment, booking a string of flights and begging your boss for a huge chunk of annual leave – it’s not exactly your average holiday. 

An uninhabited land mass of ice at the bottom of the globe, it’s not easy to get to, either. Most travellers fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina or Puntas Arenas, Chile, before taking a connecting flight to Ushuaia, Argentina, where the majority of Antarctic voyages depart.  

When you take a scenic Antarctica flight, all you need is one day to witness a huge expanse of the Earth’s southernmost continent.  

“I think this is one of the best ways to visit bucket-list, remote destinations,” says Sean. “The comfort of the journey coupled with the ease and speed to reach the destination makes this accessible to the modern traveller. We live in busy times and you don’t always have weeks up your sleeve to get away. 

“I think it would be an incredible gift to anyone to experience this journey. I am looking forward to taking my kids when they are older.” 

2. The views are breathtaking 

No place on Earth compares to the beguiling beauty and dramatic landscape of Antarctica. A desolate white wilderness, this polar continent is home to surreal remoteness, otherworldly ice shelves, towering ranges and a myriad of exotic life forms.  

From a staggering 6,000 metres above the clouds, with wicked winds whisking and shaping the black rock below, the world’s most unique scenic flight offers a rare insight into this harsh yet remarkable landscape that so few have the chance to experience. 

“We were so fortunate on my trip, as the weather was absolutely perfect. I can remember the captain on the PA stating it was one of the clearest days he had ever flown,” remembers Sean.  

“We had crystal blue skies with almost zero cloud cover below and uninterrupted views. The flight path itself consisted of several turns and figure eights around Antarctica (four hours of flying time). There was snow as far as the eye can see, icebergs, snow-capped mountains and international base camps.” 

3. You’ll hear expert commentary along the way 

As you fly over the surreal landscape and vast swathes of uninhabited land, you may find yourself with a bunch of questions. No need to turn to Google: expert explorers join each scenic Antarctica flight to share their knowledge of this mysterious place.  

Sean explains: “There were a couple of guides onboard who had both been on a number of expeditions to Antarctica. Their stories took you on a fantastic journey around the land and gave you a real sense of what the conditions would be like on the ground.” 

4. Professional photographers will help you take incredible pictures 

You will also learn how to capture the perfect picture with the help of professional photographers onboard. The experts are on hand to take photos and assist you with any questions on how best to use your camera — ensuring you not only take home unforgettable memories but fantastic photos as well. 

5. You can choose the best seat for optimum visibility  

With multiple options to choose from, you can find the best seat for your needs. Choosing a ‘seat swap’ option means you’ll swap seats halfway through the flight to ensure guaranteed time by a window.  

You also have the option to upgrade to Business Class or Business Deluxe, offering even comfier seats and upgraded meals.  

“For me, the priority was making sure I had a window seat,” says Sean. “The great thing about the Dreamliner is the ample room that I had when flying; it never felt uncomfortable. At the halfway point, I switched seats with the passenger two seats from me for the return home. I was really happy with my seat and how the switch worked. It was crucial to enjoying the experience and gave me a chance to meet other people and share the experience.” 

6. You’ll be wined and dined in style 

Over the course of the journey, you’ll enjoy exceptional service from your Qantas cabin crew and two full-service meals with premium drinks (including sparkling, wine, spirits and beer) and snacks. You’ll also have access to a range of inflight entertainment (Happy Feet is recommended!). 

“The crew and service were fantastic,” enthuses Sean. “Just after take-off, we were treated to a range of drinks and a delicious hot breakfast. A hot lunch followed with additional drinks and snacks, then a great dinner service. The crew were super attentive, and I felt they were just as excited to be on the trip as the passengers. They really made you feel welcome – no request was unanswered or too hard.” 

7. You can join an exclusive VIP charter, reserved just for Luxury Escapes 

For a truly unforgettable experience, join our incredible Qantas Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight, chartered exclusively for Luxury Escapes. Reserved just for you and other Luxury Escapes passengers, this scenic Antarctica flight package offers not only bucket-list views, delicious meals and onboard bar service – but also incredible additional inclusions you won’t find elsewhere. 

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